Please note, gold-plated jewelry is not solid gold. 

We strongly recommend preventing your jewelry coming into any contact with chemicals, such as cosmetics, perfume, lotions and salt water amongst other things. This will assist in preventing the piece from changing colour or shape. 

Unfortunately, all metals tarnish over time. This is due to a number of factors such as your skin's acidity and the way the piece has been cared for. Microfibre cloths are highly recommended for our pieces. As a note, please take care in what type of cleaning cloth you are buying as different cloths are intended for use with different metals. 

Always remove jewelry before exercising and swimming. Wipe down the pieces with a microfibre cloth and store the pieces in the Ava Olssen boxes the jewelry came in while not in use. Ensure the jewelry remains cool & dry. 

Please be aware, many of the chains of our pieces are fine. Despite being of the highest quality, excessive tugging can result in distortion of links and snapping. 


Similar to the above, ensure pearls cannot come in contact with any chemicals. Additionally, only use pearl specific cleaning cloths. Gold and silver microfibre cloths can damage pearl. 

Ensure pearls remain cool & dry for longevity.